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If you’re looking for someone to moderate or host your next event why not hire someone who has done it for a living? Michael has hosted over 4000 hours of TV. He’s interviewed former presidents, music icons, pop culture favorites and sports legends. The key? Ask the right question then do something crazy. Listen. Here’s a quick look and some of the famous, infamous and everyone else in between…

Keynotes Should Be Personalized For Every
Client Which Is Why Michael Does This

For every client Michael starts from scratch. Each keynote is created and customized based on your company, your needs and the information shared in your calls with Michael. No two keynotes are ever the same. Click on the video to watch the process of creating a keynote for you!

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Who Hires Michael Burger?

Multinational Fortune 500 groups of 5000 to small office teams of 20, Michael Burger is in high demand to speak for organizations like:

Coloring Your Way To Success

Coloring Reduces Stress and Sparks Creativity!

With Coloring Your Way to Success, you’re going to find 52 motivating business centric quotes hidden in original artwork. Included are 52 discussion sheets that go along with those quotes. The answers your employees give are going to reveal something about the people you’ve got working for you. Their ethics, their morality, their strengths and weaknesses, their willingness to change and adapt, real insight into their decision making abilities, and its all going to be accomplished through the fun of coloring. Finally a Monday morning team-building exercise that everybody’s going to show up for and enjoy.

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Absolutely Necessary

Absolutely Necessary

Shafer and Burger have researched hundreds of companies to unearth traits and strategies that makes a person valuable to a company. The advice in this book are MUST DO’s. Readers will take away bulletproof tactics that will put them in high demand. You’ll learn how the best people premeditate their decisions so they can get buy-in from their constituents. You’ll be coached on developing marketplace peripheral vision so that you will able to spot competitors in your blind spots. Shafer and Burger will also motivate you to create trust by making course corrections with humility and urgency.

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Be a Master Sommelier…Not a Waiter

Be a Master Sommelier…Not a Waiter

This is not a book about wine or drinking. It’s how to harvest and uncork the knowledge you need to grow your business and have your customers and clients thirsty for more. Did you know, there are only 240 Master Sommelier’s in the world? Imagine the potential of your business if your employees were Masters Sommeliers of their jobs. Can you imagine having employees so skilled they’re able to crush the grapes of competition long before they’re picked? With this book, just like a Master Sommelier you’ll understand how to grow your business and increase your yield. Cheers!

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